If you have completed Life Class at Nashville Life, then the next step we have for you is Destiny Training!

Destiny Training is here to help every person become a great leader, reaching their maximum potential in the ministry that the Lord Jesus gave to every member of His Church (Matthew 28:19). The course allows students to understand and apply the essential foundations of the Vision: having the character of Christ (Following Jesus) and reproducing it in other people (Building Leaders).

The six modules contain basic Christian teachings, alongside theoretical and practical training in the different steps of the Vision (Win, Consolidate, Disciple, Send). Each term (12 interactive classes) allows the students to discover spiritual truths and ministerial direction that will help them develop the Vision correctly and bear fruit accordingly. 

1st Term: June 25th - September 17th (No Class September 3rd - Labor Day Weekend)    

  • Module 1: Pastored in His Love 
  • Module 2 The Power of a Vision

2nd Term:  September 24th - December 17th (No Class November 26th - Thanksgiving Weekend)    

  • Module 3: A Winning Strategy
  • Module 4: Families with a Purpose

3rd Term: February 11th - April 22nd, 2018 (No Class April 1st - Easter Sunday)    

  • Module 5: Effective Leadership 
  • Module 6: The Holy Spirit Within Me

By the end of Destiny Training, students will have both the motivation and the necessary skills to open, lead, and grow their Life Group, serving God by reproducing the character of Christ in every attendee.

The 3rd Term starts Sunday, February 11th, at Christ Church's Elevate Worship Center, 5-7pm. Term 3 is only open to those who completed Term 2. Registration is $45 per student.

To register, please click below.

Destiny Training Term 3 Registration